Round 1: Written Application
(July 26 to August 31st)

The purpose of the written application is to give our team insight into who you are, the problem you are trying to solve, and how you are or plan to solve it.  We are not judging your writing style, but the clarity of your ideas and the fit of your vision with what this program offers. Every application is scored by multiple readers using the rubric linked below.

Click here to see the judging criteria and great responses from past applicants.
Click here to download a copy of our application questions. 

Round 2: In-Person Interview
(August 8 to September 14)

Invitations for in-person interviews are extended on a rolling basis - the earlier you are able to submit your application, the more scheduling flexibility we will have available. Interviews are meant to bring your written application to life and for us to better understand your work.   

Click here to see the judging criteria for the in-person interview.

Final Round: Community Pitch
(Training on September 18; Pitch Event Date TBD)

Semi-finalists are selected to do a 90-120 second pitch to the public. We do a full training to prepare you for the moment (it’s not meant to be stressful!). It’s simple: you give your pitch and a mix of residents, investors, and community leaders score you on your idea’s potential for impact (NOT just if you are a good speaker on stage). 

Application Timeline

    • July 26: Applications open (available online and at key community locations, can be submitted online, mailed, or hand-delivered)
    • August 8: Rolling interviews (applications are reviewed as they are received and we extend interviews soon thereafter)
    • August 31: Applications due by 11:59PM ET
    • September 5: All Interview Round decisions communicated
    • September 14: All interviews extended and completed
    • September 14-16: Semi-finalists informed
    • September 18: Mandatory training for semi-finalists (6:00PM)
    • TBD: Community Pitch Session(s) - Semi-finalists will be notified with dates by Sept. 14th