The Center for Civic Innovation is thrilled to open applications for our Civic Innovation Fellowship, a six-month leadership and entrepreneurship program focused on the development and growth of ideas that create social impact in Atlanta. Fellows receive training, mentoring, and seed capital to measure and test the effectiveness of their ideas. The goal of this program is to find ideas that can reduce inequality and to scale community-driven solutions that work.


  • Two classes per month for six months focused on defining your vision, testing your solution, and building a model to create and grow your impact

  • A modest stipend to cover your costs for participation and pilot testing your idea

  • A modest stipend to support self-care/self-balance

  • Strategy and coaching sessions with peers and experienced advisors/mentors

  • A celebratory graduation where you pitch the results of your pilot test to the public

  • Access to individual workspace at the Center throughout the duration of the program

  • A continuous stream of resources and tools that you can use over time to strengthen the your work

  • A network of peers and alumni to continued supporting your work beyond the program

*Fellows focused on local food access/security are generously supported by our partners at the Food Well Alliance


  • Full attendance and participation in mandatory sessions, 1:1 coaching monthly, and end of Fellowship graduation

  • Reporting and completion of monthly assignments that are focused on concept comprehension

  • Hosting a site visit for your peers at any location of your choosing

  • You’re ready to learn. This experience will in some ways validate your thoughts, but in some ways, it will challenge them. You are going into this with an open mind

  • You have the schedule flexibility to attend two full day classes every month and a coaching session (we provide a modest stipend to offset any costs incurred because of cost attendance)

  • You are willing to be open and vulnerable. Fellows share a lot of personal details about their work and it’s our job to create a space that allows for that.

  • You want to help your peers succeed. This work sometimes get competitive, but this program is non-competitive. You are always rooting for your peers to win and succeed.


This program is for civic entrepreneurs— local leaders with ideas, products, programs, and services that improve the social outcomes for their community. This includes farmers that increase access to healthy and affordable foods in surrounding neighborhoods through creative markets or teachers that change the way students are prepared for their future careers. Their work is entrepreneurial in approach and design, and their success is a vital part of strengthening our local economy and social fabric.

Ideas are accepted across sectors, including but not limited to: food access/security, art and culture, education, workforce development, public health, and civic engagement.

Additionally, in order to ensure you are in the best position to take full advantage of this program’s offerings, we prefer candidates who fit the following criteria:

  • You are the founder, co-founder, or executive director of this idea or organization

  • You have extensive experience of working in the sector or the subject matter that your idea is focused on

  • You have a clear understanding of the community/communities most impacted by the challenge you are solving. This isn’t just you parachuting in.

  • You are committed and dedicated to this work and are focused on the end result. This means that you may learn that the solution you’ve designed doesn’t work, and you’re willing to pivot if that’s the case


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