Laura Patricia Calle

Our hearts are broken. Laura Patricia Calle was a ray of sunshine at the Center for Civic Innovation. As a member of our programs team, Laura pushed us to remember why we do the work that we do. She made us better and stronger. Every day, while she was fighting her own fight against a kidney disease, she focused her energy on battles bigger than herself. She represents everything that Atlanta should be proud of-- its history, its present, and its future.

We lost Laura today. It's not fair for the world to not have Laura's energy in every room she walks into. We are told that the past few months of her life were ones where she smiled a lot and was engaged in things that made her happy and complete. Today, she was surrounded by her family and friends, who shared stories of how cool she is and the things she loved, hated, and believed in.

One day, we asked Laura the question, "why do you do what you do?" Her response was, "because when you bring talented, creative, smart people together, they make beautiful things." That will stick with us forever.

Much love and strength to the entire family,

Team CCI

Memorial services for Laura will be held on Saturday, November 28 at 11:00AM at St. Jude Catholic Church (7171 Glenridge Drive, Atlanta, Georgia 30328). There will be a ceremony, followed by a reception. All are welcome-- Laura wouldn't have it any other way.