Leadership Breakfast with Alice Rolls

This morning, our executive director Rohit Malhotra sat down with Alice Rolls, the Executive Director of Georgia Organics! 

Couldn't make it? We've got you covered with five of our favorite quotes from the talk this morning. Go on, get inspired to eat some kale. 



"Rachel Carson is considered one of the founders of the modern environmental movement. She combined artistry with science. Imagine her as a woman, fighting this establishment ––  that’s why she’s my hero.  It was an excruciating exercise, not to mention that she was dying of breast cancer at the time she was finishing this book. She gave it all to that and stood up and was very calm and just kind of fought the script that the industry wanted to provide with good sound science, and didn’t get emotional and was able to motivate society."


"I often say to eat well now is an act of resistance, because think about the choices you have to say no to. When you walk into the grocery store, which you want to be a joyous occasion, if you can get past that point where it’s painful to say no to all the things that are saying buy me buy me buy me, and focus in on the good food diet, which is a joyful experience versus a punitive, counting calories, prescribed diet we are so used to hearing about."


"If you want to feel hopeful, look at what the food movement has accomplished in the past 15 years."


"We all eat, that’s the nice thing about working in the food space. Each one of you has your own food journey. Everyone has a different story. It’s so much part of our history, our culture, where we grew up, our family. It always comes back to food."


"Everybody loves to complain about school lunch. They (workers) care deeply about kids healths, but they are working with minute budgets, they don’t have staff that are trained to cook fresh food, they don’t have equipment, so there are many many hurdles we have to overcome . . . we first have to start to educate the kids, because even if we put that food in the cafeteria, they aren’t going to eat it unless it’s connected to an experience. "

Check out the full video from this Leadership Breakfast below. 


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