#CCIspotlight: Wiled Co.

This week’s #CCIsuperstar is the team at Wiled Co.! Lindsay Trinkle, Candi Shelton, Mindy Fletcher, and Ashley Williams make up Wiled Co. -  a digital marketing & experience design company, fusing brand narratives with the human experience. Through cross-disciplines highlighted by design thinking, Wiled Co. partners with brave brands to help them tell the story that most resonates with their people, delivering cohesive, holistic experiences grounded in human connectivity. 

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The Wiled Co. team joined us as coworkers at the Center for Civic Innovation this year, and their influence has spread to fellow coworkers, fellows, and partners. We are so glad that they’re on board! Candi shared the story of Wiled Co. with us this week. Check it out! 

Tell us a little about yourself. What are you doing, how you got here, and what are the sources of inspiration that got you started?

Wiled Co. has been through several iterations, with Lindsay (Trinkle) and I (Candi Shelton) bringing different skill sets together to do digital marketing in a different way. Lindsay is from tech startup world, and my background is in production. But we kind of found a "magic sauce" when we brought our skills together to create a holistic approach to digital marketing and experience design.

Tell us about the venture you’re working on. What does Wiled Co. do?

What's different for us is that we're not a social or civic endeavor in the traditional sense. But what gets us most excited is working with clients who are doing important work, work that matters and needs to be elevated. Those are the stories worth telling, but often there's a barrier to entry for acquiring our kind of services. Wiled Co. is working to level the playing field for social entrepreneurs and civic organizations so that they can have access to excellent strategic support and creative messaging help in order for their digital brand to form a compelling human experience. This ultimately helps them to gain more interest, engagement and funding.


What do you think is the biggest challenge facing Atlanta today? 

We think the biggest challenge facing Atlanta today isn't necessarily a lack of engagement; it's a lack of clear journeys for citizens to learn and become engaged in real change. The fact is that people want to do something but they don't know where to start (sometimes they don't even know where to start looking for a start!). That's why we believe in the work of human-centric marketing. It's not about advertising; it's about sharing a story and creating a journey for people to connect. We believe that's where change can truly begin.

How has CCI supported you in your work?

CCI has been crucial in helping us define a company culture that seeks to do work that matters. The people we've been able to meet and the relationships we've forged have not only served our business well, but it's helped keep us informed and engaged when it might be easier or more lucrative to move in another direction.

What advice do you have for Atlanta’s newest social entrepreneurs? 

Our advice is to stay curious, humble, and brave. Dreams are powerful and hope is a stronger force than you think.

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We’d like to say a huge thank you to the Wiled Co. team for sharing their passions, motivations, and advice with us and with our audience!  
Atlanta is filled with incredible people and organizations doing meaningful work all throughout the city. Their efforts change the way our city designs solutions for the challenges we face in education, art and culture preservation, criminal justice and reform, workforce development, and food security.
The Center for Civic Innovation aims to be a place that supports and showcases these community leaders to the world. This blog series will highlight one entrepreneur or organization from Atlanta every week from now until the end of the year. We hope their stories will inform and inspire.