Education Open House

We are so grateful for everyone who came out to last night's Education Open House. When CCI looked around the education world and said, "who is out there working on making this system better?" we didn't know who we would find. From our event we know a few new things:

  1. There are MANY passionate people looking to enhance, transform and otherwise disrupt education. They are teachers. Community members. Scientists.
  2. There are already some AMAZING home-grown programs and projects to change the path our students are taking. 
  3. If we provide Post-it notes and markers, you will put them to good use! We had awesome responses to our posted questions.

Last night was a great preview of our upcoming Education Innovation Network, so if you're interested in joining other Atlantans who are passionate about education, be sure to let us know and we'll keep you posted about the network launch next month.