Food Access Lab Kickoff

Exciting things are happening at the Center this week! On Monday we kicked off our first Food Access Lab session. For three hours, over 25 entrepreneurs from 12 organizations met for the first time, got to know each other, and got an introduction to Design Thinking. Design thinking provides an ordered, guided process to help people develop products, services, and solutions that come directly from a human need.  This diagram from Stanford's lays out the steps:

Design thinking is a great tool to help our entrepreneurs improve their community engagement, better understand their customers, and do effective prototyping and testing to see if their solutions work.

Our partners, Professor Carl DiSalvo and his team from Georgia Tech's Center for Urban Innovation, led our group through a photo research project to examine the need for recycling services in the M. Rich Building. The example project gave our entrepreneurs the hands-on experience that they'll need to learn more about their customers and communities they serve.

We'll have updates from our second session later this month, so stay tuned!

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