Atlanta is changing every day and it is important, now more than ever, for people to be engaged in their city.

If you love your neighborhood and want to drive engagement in day-to-day city-wide issues, join us as a

#Votelocal Ambassador!

What is a #VoteLocal Ambassador?

A #VoteLocal Ambassador is an Atlanta resident that cares about making sure their community's voice is heard in the upcoming mayoral, city council and school board election this November and beyond. They know the importance of voting locally and what these elections mean for Atlantans over the next 4 - 8 years!

What is the goal?

The last mayoral election had under 20% voter turnout. With the major focus on national politics, we cannot lose focus of what is going on in our own backyard. We created the ambassador program to support those residents interested in making a larger impact educating residents about the election.

More details...

We are seeking 16 Atlanta residents to serve as #VoteLocal Ambassadors. These residents live in 8 areas around the City of Atlanta and they will recruit other volunteers to support their outreach and engagement strategy around the local mayor, city council and school board election November 2017.

Ambassadors get the word out around the election, hold their representatives accountable and inform their neighbors of events, opportunities for action and candidates. They are active in their neighborhood and are eager to engage other residents, business owners, and anchor institutions around the importance of local elections and civic engagement. This team will act to support our community outreach arm and excite, inform and teach residents the importance of local elections and the impact the elections have on their quality of life.

We are looking for active community members who generally fit the following descriptions:  

  • Currently live in the City of Atlanta
  • Considered a "resident" of your community, exhibiting dedication to their community and community members
  • You must have HIGH energy, be solution-oriented, well informed, understand your community and be relatable
  • Has a willingness and ability to organize events, directly engage individuals and distribute materials - strong social/personal network 
  • Available between June and December of 2017
  • Computer proficient
  • Reliable transportation (car, MARTA access, bike)
  • We are a nonpartisan organization, therefore ambassadors cannot advocate for a specific candidate or outside agenda while participating.

Applications Are Now Open...

Ready to get started? Apply today by 6:00pm May 30, 2017! 

Have more questions? See our FAQ at the bottom of this page OR ask us in person. We will have having two info sessions if you need questions answered in person. Please RSVP so we know you are coming!

Info Session I: Friday, May 19 @ 6:00pm-7:30pm
Andrew/Walter Young YMCA - 2220 Campbellton Rd SW, Atlanta, GA 30311

Info Session II: Tuesday, May 23  @ 6:00pm-7:30pm
The Center for Civic Innovation - 115 Martin Luther King Jr. Dr. Atlanta, GA 30303


#VoteLocal Ambassadors represent one of 8 areas in Atlanta 

This map outlines our targeted areas where Ambassadors reside. Atlanta is a city of neighborhoods and to make sure we cover them all, we will select each Ambassador team based on the area that is closest to their own neighborhood! 

We are looking for active community members (and University/College students - see the stars on map) who live in the following neighborhoods

Area 1: Buckhead-NE Atlanta                          
NPU A, B, C, D

Area 2: Midtown-West Midtown-West Highlands  

Area 3: English Ave-Vine City-Grove Park              

Area 4: West End-Ashview Heights-Adamsville      

Area 5: Downtown-Five Points-Castleberry            

Area 6: Inman Park-Kirkwood-Old 4th Ward-EAV   

Area 7: Thomasville-Mechanicsville-Adair Park    
NPU V, X, Y, Z

Area 8: Cascade-Adams Park-Greenbriar-Oakland City
NPU P, Q, R, S


    Frequently Asked Questions

    + What is the Ambassador program?

    The #VoteLocal Ambassador Program is an opportunity for residents to build the buzz, raise awareness and educate Atlantans on the importance of local voting and the impact it has on our quality of life.

    We are looking for 16 ambassadors to serve the city of Atlanta proper by passing out information, hosting fun and exciting (and educational) events and shaping the future of our city. Ambassadors have positive energy, are solution-oriented, well informed, trusted resources, they understand their community and are relatable.

    + What is #VoteLocal?

    #VoteLocal is an initiative the Center for Civic Innovation is pushing to encourage participation and education around the upcoming municipal (city council, mayor and school board) elections this November 2017. Our goal is to INFORM, ENGAGE AND EMPOWER residents in the city of Atlanta to shape the future of their city.

    If you tweet, post on FB or sure to use our hashtag and support the need for Atlanta to #VoteLocal!

    + What is the time commitment?

    #VoteLocal Ambassadors are volunteers first, but we are asking a minimum of 20 hours per month, that is roughly 5 hours per week.

    This time committment consists of attending Civics 101 trainings (train the trainer sessions), completing a neighborhood assessment, hosting events, collecting/sharing data, developing creative, culturally relvant content and educational information. This also includes time where planning sessions, reporting data and regrouping as a team is critical.

    + What if I don't see my area on the map?

    If you live in one of the 8 areas on our Ambassador map, your neighborhood is included...we just didnt have the space to list each community on the flier. Check out the NPU's (Neighborhood Planning Units) that are a part of the 8 areas if you want to be sure your neighborhood is included in the area you want to volunteer in!

    I checked the NPU listings and I still don't see my area on the map? One of two things could be happening,

    1) Do you live in metro-Atlanta? If so, we are focusing only on the City of Atlanta proper since this election is only for Atlanta residents. We know other areas are affected by the elections so if you still want to volunteer, we would be happy to connect you with the Ambassador in your area!

    2) Do you live on a college campus? If so, we have a special Ambassador position for you! Continue to our application and feel free to sign up!

    + What is the goal?

    #VoteLocal is a civics education initiative led by the Center for Civic Innovation to inform, engage, connect and empower people to shape the future of their city. We want to INSPIRE Atlanta residents to act locally. We want to EDUCATE residents on civics and policy. We want to CONNECT people to local resources and EMPOWER them to act.

    + What is Our Future Atlanta?

    Our Future Atlanta is a growing coalition of organizations across Atlanta taking a stand on the importance of local elections. We are thankful for our fellow coalition members: Pro Georgia, Partnership for Southern Equity, and our facilitator Collective Wisdom Group. More information about this initiative and how you can get involved can be found here.

    + Do I need any specific skills to be an Ambassador?

    Young, talented, smart and professional figures, as well as, elders in the community are ideal ambassadors.

    #VoteLocal Ambassadors develop strategies to better promote and market the local election work collectively as a team. Here are some skills that are helpful for ambassadors to have:

    • Excellent oral communication and interpersonal skills
    • Capability and proficiency in developing strong, personal and professional relationships with community members
    • Willing to be at public venues and major events where there a large crowds
    • Willing to work a flexible schedule that may include nights, weekends and holidays
    • Must be willing to appear in pictures